Ashraf Gad has been the General Manager and Managing Director of Cheiron’s Joint Operating Company Norpetco since 2017. Ashraf joined Cheiron in 2010, working first as the Deputy Field Manager and later as the Deputy General Manager for Petrogulf Misr, one of Cheiron’s Joint Operating Companies. Mr. Gad began his oil and gas industry career first working as a Drilling Fluids Engineer for Admasco and later holding several positions from Senior Production Engineer to Offshore and Onshore Production Department Manager with ESSO. Before joining Cheiron, Ashraf spent 7 years as Assistant General Manager for the Petroleum Engineer Department at East Zeit Petroleum Company. Ashraf earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Cairo University in 1985 which he then complemented with a post-graduate diploma in enhanced oil recovery from Cairo University in 1990.