Who We Are

Cheiron (formerly known as PICO International Petroleum and then as the PICO Cheiron Group) is an independent E&P company focusing on revitalizing and optimizing production in mature oil and gas fields with operations spanning the full spectrum of the oil and gas upstream activity — from near field exploration to full field development, planning and production. Using technical expertise, a controlled cost base, and a focused approach on key value domains, Cheiron manages to unlock value in mature fields with declining production rates.

From its robust base in the Egyptian mature fields region, Cheiron is expanding by consolidating its position in the Gulf of Suez, diversifying its asset base with acquisitions in new local basins, and seeking opportunities in international markets where its particular brand of expertise can provide a competitive advantage. The Company already maintains operations and assets in Mexico and Romania and has outlined a strategy geared towards growing its international footprint.

Across all operations, Cheiron adheres to World Bank/IFC/EBRD auditable standards and international best practices for HSE ensuring the safety of its employees, the general public and the environment.

Cheiron is part of the group of companies, a collection of fully independent, highly technical and specialized entities, operating in a diverse range of markets, including agriculture, consumer foods, energy and real estate. Each company has its own management team, financial structure, growth path and focus for value creation.