Cheiron targets 25% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity by 2025

As part of Cheiron’s efforts to reduce GHG emissions across its operations, it is working closely with its various Joint Operating Companies (“JOCs”) to identify and implement investment opportunities specifically focussed on emissions reductions.

Cheiron has also set ambitious goals to encourage these initiatives, including a target to reduce its GHG emissions intensity (tCO2eq/toeq) 25% by 2025 and has also committed to eliminate routine flaring as soon as practical and in any event no later than 2030, in line with the World Bank Zero Flaring Initiative.

Projects are ongoing across all the company’s JOCs to replace diesel with gas as the fuel for power generation both offshore and onshore, where gas import schemes are being implemented in tandem with the replacement of existing diesel power generators with gas high efficiency, centralised gas power generators and electricity distribution systems.

In Bapetco, the company’s largest JOC, along with the centralised gas power generation project and flare elimination, a multi year work program is being planned involving waste heat recovery systems, fugitive emissions identification and elimination, carbon capture and storage studies and the possible use of solar power and bio fuels to provide energy for the field operations.