PICO Cheiron Group Hires New CEO, Forms Leadership Team & Board of Directors

As part of the company’s strive to continuously acquire and retain the best talent, PICO Cheiron has recently undergone a change in management bringing on board its new Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ian Hewitt, who assumed his role in February 2016. The Group has also put in place a new Leadership Team, whose mandate is to help the Group maintain its competitive advantage, while also guiding our next generation of leaders and help prepare them to drive the group’s long-term sustainable growth.

PICO Cheiron has also begun implementing a framework that will place the company in voluntarily compliance with best corporate governance practice. The first step of this process was to appoint a reputable Board of Directors with increased oversight on the company’s operations as opposed to maintaining a strictly advisory role in the past. The company’s Board of Directors is made up of seven members, two of which are executive member and five of which are non-executive.