Joint Operating Companies (JOCs) are partnerships between International Oil Companies (IOCs) and the government, established upon a commercial discovery – based on the applied fiscal regime – in order to start operations. Cheiron’s Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental audits provide a rigorous check on JVs’ internal HSE management programs.

Our audit is based on the Corporate HSE Management System and is built around the corporate core HSE values and beliefs, which support our business strategies. In addition, the audit provides direction for achieving compliance with the HSE related local legislation, EGPC regulations, Cheiron HSE-MS and the industry good practice.

These audits provide a robust process through which our businesses are assessed against Cheiron’s HSE and other relevant standards and practices. Audits are planned in detail and tailored to individual businesses.

It is anticipated that the continued evolution of the audit programmed will contribute to improving Cheiron’s HSE performance and compliance, making facilities as safe as possible for people, environment and production.